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Time : 2022-03-29

Guangdong Liyuanheng Intelligent Equipment Co., LTD. (Liyuanheng) is one of the high-end intelligent equipment and factory automation solutions suppliers in China, serving new energy (lithium, hydrogen energy, photovoltaic), automotive, ICT and other industries of the leading enterprises. The company has mastered the general platform technology of many fields involved in integrated intelligent solutions, such as multiple applications of industrial robots, visual applications, digital intelligent monitoring, central integrated control, optical detection, laser welding, precision glue injection technology, and so on, providing overall factory automation solutions for global top 500 enterprises.

Lu Miao, Vice Chairman of Liyuanheng: From "lyric robot" to "play with lyric", Liyuanheng will, with a more open and sharing mentality, work with more partners, friends, industry chain and lithium practitioners, through deep cooperation and collaboration, empower the manufacturing industry and witness the brilliant era of the industry.

The company has mastered cutting-edge and core technologies in the industry, including imaging detection, integrated control, intelligent decision-making, laser processing, flexible assembly, digital twinning, etc.

Liyuanheng is relying on its own advantages, to create competitive differentiation of laser welding equipment, establish a strong market moat. On the one hand, as a high-end intelligent equipment manufacturing enterprise, Li Yuanheng has many years of customization ability and technical experience accumulation, to laser welding key technology layout, in line with the company's intelligent manufacturing key generic technology master development planning. On the other hand, the current power battery manufacturing segment integrated delivery trend, Liyuanheng has the leading line integration capabilities, including laser welding equipment integrated delivery, also more in line with the needs of power battery enterprises.

In recent years, Liyuanheng has launched multiple series AGV products such as composite AGV, multi-dimensional AGV, large-load AGV and patrol AGV according to customer needs combined with its own production line. Among them, the Liyuanheng compound AGV product integrates the three functions of mobile robot, general industrial robot and vision system in one. Liyuanheng meets the user's harsh requirements on the motion accuracy of the whole mechanical structure, and avoids the situation of sub-standard positioning accuracy caused by the cumulative motion error of a single AGV or mechanical arm.




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