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Time : 2020-12-03

Zhejiang Nandu Power Co., LTD. (abbreviation: Nandu Power Co., LTD., stock code: 300068) is A national high-tech enterprise, founded in September 1994, and listed on the A-share GEM in April 2010. Facing the fields of communication and data business, green travel, intelligent energy storage and resource regeneration, the company provides serialized products, system solutions and operation services with advanced valve-controlled sealed battery, lithium-ion battery and fuel cell as the core. The main business includes the R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of valve-controlled sealed battery and lithium-ion battery series products and systems. From 2015 to 2017, the company acquired Anhui Huabeng Renewable Resources Technology Co., LTD., entered the environment-friendly resource renewable industry, and opened up the battery industry chain.

The company has been established for more than 20 years, and has been focusing on the field of high-end industrial batteries and new energy. Through professional development, the business and branches have covered more than 150 countries and regions in the world, and the industrial layout is also from the field of communication backup power supply. It has expanded to the fields of new energy storage power supply, new energy power supply, environment-friendly resource regeneration and related system integration, and formed a fully closed industrial chain of "raw materials - battery manufacturing - product application - operation service - resource regeneration - raw materials" to build an ecological cycle system and enhance the vitality of the industry.

The company regards technological innovation as the source of enterprise development. Through continuous investment and cultivation, the company has built a global leading innovation platform. At present, the company has built a national enterprise technology center, national recognized laboratory, postdoctoral research workstation, academician expert workstation, etc., equipped with international advanced research and development experiment and comprehensive testing equipment, has a research and development team with rich theoretical and practical experience led by academicians, and domestic and foreign professors and experts as technical leaders. The company has a number of core technologies in the field of power, energy storage and communication applications, and has applied for and obtained more than 100 authorized patents, covering positive and negative battery materials, electrolyte, diaphragm, system integration, battery management system and energy management system. It has formed significant technical advantages in core technologies such as high-temperature batteries, lead-carbon batteries, lithium-ion batteries, distributed energy storage systems and battery materials, and has made significant breakthroughs in the field of market application, leading the industry to complete the transformation from "Made in China" to "created in China".

To meet the major challenges of resources, environment and climate change, China is actively promoting the transformation of the structure of energy production and consumption, and has issued a series of major policies, including the "Several Opinions on Further Deepening the Reform of the Electric Power System" and the "Guidelines on Promoting the Development of" Internet Plus "Smart Energy". We will continue to build a new energy Internet ecological model based on "Internet Plus" smart energy. Energy storage system is the core of building energy Internet, but also an important entrance to the future energy Internet. The whole industry has been highly valued by countries and industries all over the world. In recent years, the company has made great breakthroughs in lead carbon batteries for energy storage, lithium-ion battery products and system solutions, market applications and other aspects. The energy storage system technology with energy storage battery as the core has reached the international leading level. The products and systems have been widely used in new energy storage demonstration projects at home and abroad, and the economy and reliability of energy storage solutions have been fully verified. Based on the leading battery system technology, the company has greatly improved the battery life, so that the cost of energy storage has been gradually reduced and can meet the needs of commercial applications. On this basis, the company actively promotes the commercialization of global energy storage technology, realizes energy saving application of peak cutting and valley filling for users and intelligent energy use services, truly realizes commercial energy storage that does not rely on subsidies, promotes the development of energy distributed energy, and builds the most promising energy Internet by continuously building an energy management platform based on cloud data. The company has successfully developed innovative energy storage business models such as power grid primary frequency modulation service, "incremental distribution network +", IDC "energy storage + backup" system service, and "energy storage +" high-quality electric energy service. By the end of 2017, the total signed scale of the company's energy storage power station has exceeded 2000MWh, and the operation scale has exceeded 300MWh. Become a global leader in the energy storage industry.

In recent years, benefiting from the support of national industrial policies and the continuous improvement of related infrastructure, the new energy automobile industry has developed rapidly, and the demand for power batteries has increased substantially, bringing huge market opportunities for Narada Power. In the field of new energy power, the company carries out strategic cooperation with Dongfeng Shenyu Vehicle Co., LTD., Changan Bus Co., LTD., etc., and implements strong cooperation. In addition to providing power supply system, the company also carries out in-depth cooperation in the core powertrain system of new energy vehicles. In 2016, the company invested and participated in Konghui Automobile Co., LTD., which has a leading edge in the field of automobile chassis design, and Zhixing Hongyuan Co., LTD., which has a strong core advantage in the field of power system assembly, to complete the industrial chain layout of the company in the field of new energy vehicles from automobile chassis, power supply to power assembly, and further improve the company's system integration capability of new energy vehicles. Enhance the company's core competitiveness, promote the company's future development in the field of new energy vehicles.

In the future, the company will continue to take technology and brand as the core, participate in international competition, and commit itself to becoming the leader of global communication backup power supply, energy storage application power supply, power supply, and system solutions in the field of environment-friendly resource regeneration, actively promote the development of global new energy industry, and realize the grand vision of "promoting smart energy revolution, creating green and beautiful life".




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