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Time : 2020-06-04

Mengguli, the full name of Zhongguo UNITA Guli Power Technology Co., LTD. (MGL), was established in May 2002, focusing on the research, development and production of lithium-ion power batteries and energy storage batteries for new energy vehicles. Its products have passed the United States UL, the European Union CE certification, RoHS directive test and the national authority (North Automobile Quality Supervision, inspection and identification test Institute) safety test.

MGL is the first company in the world to launch a large capacity lithium ion secondary battery with spinel lithium manganate as the cathode material, which has been included in the national "863" program of major projects. Based on the domestic leading research and development capability and technical level, The company has successfully provided lithium ion power batteries for pure electric buses and some hybrid electric buses for Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo and Guangzhou Asian Games, and is the only enterprise that provides lithium ion power batteries for three grand events at the same time.




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