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3C digital battery short circuit detection

Author:锐捷    Time : 2020-08-24    


With the development of smart devices, the demand for smart phones, smart watches, smart drones and other products is increasing, and the demand for digital batteries in the industry is also increasing. Qingdao Ruijie Intelligent Instrument Co., Ltd. in the power battery detection at the same time also pay attention to the detection of 3C digital batteries. Today we recommend several testing equipment commonly used in the industry to detect 3C digital batteries.

RJ6901A insulation resistance short-circuit tester, the most used 3C digital battery short-circuit detection equipment in the industry. Dc voltage is applied to the two poles of the battery to detect the leakage current of the tested product, and the insulation resistance value is calculated through the leakage current, so as to determine the battery result. This is currently the most used test method for small digital batteries in the industry.

RJ6905 AC voltage short-circuit tester. Early customers, such as Tianjin Risen, will use AC test method to carry out short-circuit test on the cell, which mainly applies the characteristics of capacitor through AC and DC, and uses AC to pressurise both sides of the cell to detect the breakdown current value and determine the test results. This method is now used by relatively few customers because using AC voltage causes more damage to the battery.

RJ69 series pulse short-circuit tester adopts the pulse test most widely used for power batteries. It applies a pulse voltage to the cell in a short time to detect the voltage drop of the cell, so as to determine whether the cell is qualified. This detection method is widely used in power batteries, and has the advantages of fast test speed, small damage to the cell and higher detection rate. But the corresponding product price will be higher, now many 3C digital products also began to use this way to test, in order to meet the detection requirements of high-end customers.

Qingdao Ruijie Intelligent Instrument Co., Ltd. has been committed to the new energy detection industry since its establishment in 2012, and has developed pulse short circuit test, OCV tester, PACK test system and other products. Now it is the first choice of most domestic and foreign battery manufacturers.




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