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Soft pack battery side voltage solution

Author:锐捷    Time : 2020-06-15    


More and more attention is paid to the side voltage test in the production process of soft-coated batteries, mainly to detect whether there is an electronic channel between the positive electrode ear and the soft-coated aluminum plastic film, which will produce a higher voltage, and the possibility of corrosion in the later stage of the battery will be higher.

Theoretically speaking, the positive ear of the battery and the aluminum film should be insulated between the voltage value should be 0V, but due to the actual production process will have a variety of media intervention, resulting in a positive ear and aluminum film between the potential difference, the potential difference of good batteries will be relatively small, now the industry is generally defined in 1V below, If the potential difference is too large then the corrosion will be higher later.

Most of the previous production line is equipped with a multimeter for voltage test, but the multimeter voltage test process and can not give bad alarm signals, mostly rely on manual intervention to determine, which will affect the result of the decision, at the same time, there is no way to achieve automatic testing on the production line. The lithium battery side voltage tester RJ3521 produced by Qingdao Ruijie solves the customer's problem well. This product is specially developed for the side voltage test of soft pack battery. With the help of soft pack battery test tooling or automatic production line, it can quickly test the side voltage of soft pack battery and help customers quickly find the problem battery.

The instrument uses 6-bit voltage display, display resolution is 0.01mV, can accurately and quickly determine the edge voltage value, with Ruijie statistical software development, can help customers do test big data processing.

Model number


Measuring channel


Measurement parameter


Rated voltage range


Voltage measuring range


Voltage resolution


Voltage measurement accuracy

DC:±(Display value×0.1%+range×0.5%)

Voltage ratio


Data update cycle


Alarm function

5 groups,Voltage upper/lower limit and threshold setting

Control interface

RS-232 (matchingRS-485)、Switch quantity function (optional)

Overall dimension

213(W,Front plastic case)×88(H,Front plastic case)×386(D,Terminal post included) mm

Opening size

210(W)×85(H) mm

Foot height

15 mm

Machine weight


Temperature and humidity

0~40℃/ 20-70% RH

Operating voltage

AC 220V / 50Hz




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