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Electric bicycle battery pack test solution

Author:锐捷    Time : 2020-07-08    

In 2020, affected by the "novel coronavirus" epidemic at home and abroad, public travel has become a big issue in people's minds. Choosing public transport means requires greater risks. At the same time, the demand for electric bicycles surges, and many people choose to use electric bicycles to travel. The test of electric bicycle battery pack is also increasing accordingly. The battery pack test system produced by Ruijie Instrument can quickly make factory test of electric bicycle battery pack.

RJ8120 Battery pack test system


Product introduction

Battery pack automatic test system for mobile phone, tablet computer battery, power tool battery and a series of battery pack function, performance test system. We provide OCV, ACIR, charge function test, discharge function test, capacity test, cycle life test, identification resistance test, communication function test (chip) and so on for battery pack manufacturers, processors and users.

Function configuration

1. Charging function test: test the charging function status of battery pack;

2. Discharge function test: test the discharge function state of battery pack;

3, OCV, ACIR test: open circuit voltage, AC internal resistance test;

4, capacity test: charge, discharge capacity test;

5, cycle life test: cycle charge, discharge test;

6, identification resistance test: thermistor, contact resistance and other identification resistance test;

7. Communication function test: communication function test such as customized code chip;

8. Overcharge protection function test: test the overcharge protection function of battery pack;

9. Over-discharge protection function test: test the over-discharge protection function of battery pack;

10. Short-circuit protection function test: test the short-circuit protection function of battery pack;

11. Recovery function test: recovery function after testing battery pack protection;

12. Automatic storage of test data: test process, automatic storage of test data.



Charging voltage

35V/60V/120V                 ±(0.5%+0.5%FS)

Charging current

100A/50A/25A                 ±(0.5%+0.5%FS)

Discharge voltage

120V                         ±(0.05%+0.02%FS)

Discharge current

30A/60A/80A/120A             ±(0.05%+0.05%FS)

Internal resistance test

30mΩ/300mΩ/3Ω/300Ω/3kΩ  ±(0.5%FS+5words)

OCV test

6V/60V/300V                  ±(0.05%FS+4words)

Capacity test

0-50Ah                       ±(0.5%+0.5%FS)

Identification resistance

0-500KΩ                     ±(0.5%+0.5%FS)

Cycle life test


Communication function test

Provide interface and protocol customization according to the user

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