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Charging pile test solution

Author:锐捷    Time : 2020-06-17    

The shipment of new energy vehicles is growing at a high speed every year, the social demand for charging piles is also increasing, household charging piles, commercial charging stations and other products need more and more factory testing, Qingdao Ruijie intelligent Instrument Co., Ltd. production of charging pile test system, can fully meet the national standard test requirements, to provide customers with a complete set of test solutions!


RJ8000 series automatic testing system of charging pile is specially developed for electric vehicle charging pile (on-board charger), which is an efficient and comprehensive automatic testing system to meet various specifications of AC and DC charging pile testing. The system adopts open hardware and software architecture, and provides high performance AC and DC testing power supply, AC and DC electronic load (box), power analyzer, independently developed by Ruijie Company. Time series ripple analyzer,BMS communication simulation unit, switch control unit, safety comprehensive tester and other measuring and testing instruments can meet the basic needs of various customers such as research and development precision testing, production high-speed testing, quality sampling testing and other individual needs, and provide the best testing solutions.

Test item

Ex-factory inspection


General inspection


Functional check

Check charging setting mode

Communication function test

Display function test

Input function test

Measurement function test


Protection test

Electrical clearance and creepage distance test

Ground continuity test

Test of anti-shock measures


Insulation test

Insulation resistance test

Power frequency voltage test

Impact pressure test


Charge output test

Output voltage error test

Output current error test

Pressure stabilization accuracy test

Steady flow accuracy test

Ripple coefficient test

Voltage limiting characteristic test

Current limiting characteristic test

Efficiency and power factor tests


Low voltage auxiliary power supply test


Harmonic current test


Safety requirement test

Input overvoltage protection test

Input undervoltage protection test

Output overvoltage protection test

Output overcurrent protection test

Emergency stop function test

Impulse current test

Soft start test

Battery reverse connection test

Battery voltage test


Compatibility test

Charging interface compatibility test

Charge control compatibility test

Charging communication compatibility test




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