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Testing scheme of charging pile production process

Author:锐捷    Time : 2020-05-13    

In the era of the rapid development of electric vehicles, the society needs more and more charging piles, and each factory needs more and more testing of charging piles. However, the efficiency of traditional testing of charging piles is too low and the energy loss is too great, which has been a headache for the manufacturers of charging piles with a large number of shipments. The charging pile process detection system developed by Qingdao Ruijie Intelligent Instrument Co., Ltd. solves this problem well.

Qingdao Ruijie Intelligent Instrument Co., Ltd. has developed a process test system in response to the requirements of Ruide to conduct process test for multi-channel DC piles and single DC piles. The test items are as follows:

1, system safety performance test - grounding resistance, insulation resistance, AC voltage, DC voltage test

2. Communication test of each power module

3. PDU communication test

4, the meter current accuracy, voltage accuracy test

5, auxiliary power test, off state, open state

6. Test the lightning alarm function

7. Gun head connection confirmation signal test

8. Electronic lock function detection

9. Power terminal connection test

10. BMS communication test

11. Test each AC module

The testing tool does not test the performance of the power module like the traditional charging pile factory test, but tests the wiring and software program of the pile, so that the problems of the charging pile can be detected in the production process, which is convenient for customers to rectify and inspect the problem products.

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